Becoming a good manager

by Nermin Hodžić on May 15, 2016 Management 214 Views

How to become a good manager?

Being a good manager is not the same as being a good leader. A manager does the task while leaders create them. A manager lights the fire underneath employees' feet, leader lights the fire in their hearts.

In today's complex business world, good business conduct is a fundamental component of a successful business. The only definition in which all experts agree saying that the business management of a complex phenomenon that involves the application of the influence and power in organization over different set of people, processes, and situations. No one has ever been born with the characteristics of a good leader.  All other features are formed through experience and self education, training, and professional development. Being a good manager is not the same as being a good leader. A manager does the task, leader creates them. Probably the simplest definition of manager is the one "that is a person who performs tasks assigned by directing other people to perform." This definition highlights the fact that managers, in essence, manage people and that the term 'management' means encouraging other people to perform tasks and obligations. The manager is the person who manages the team, with the ultimate goal of performing a specific task. In order to successfully complete the teams set goals, managers should focus on determining the tasks, the efficiency of the team, and his achievements. In other words, a good manager should ask yourself the following questions: "What will happen?", "What's going on?" And "What happened?". Therefore, a good manager can be described as a person who is actively involved in shaping things and events but, that does not act retroactively to events around him. In the elementary division of successful managers have four main characteristics.  

First, the development of their people creates great pleasure and pride. Second, becoming cheerfully optimistic is key because someone has to raise morale when difficulties arise. Third, do not promise more than you can fulfill.  And fourth, when switching to a new job always leave the situation a little better than it was when they arrived. In addition to these characteristics, a good manager must also fulfill certain tasks to be pointed out as a successful businessman.

Take the blame

When the "big shot" from the main office expresses dissatisfaction, a good manager immediately accepts full responsibility and guilt. In the daily work of the best managers are constantly aware that they have chosen and should develop their people. Praise is probably one of the least used management tools. Good managers are constantly trying to discover when their people do something good and to congratulate them for that. When the praise comes from the outside, quickly trying not only to make public, but also clearly tell you who deserves it.

Managers who regularly give praise are in a much better position at the time when the need to criticize comes about. Very often your words can be interpreted as a direct expression of personal animosity. Good managers create a good atmosphere in the company where they work, especially among employees. Very few people are satisfied with the idea that for 10 years they perform the same tasks they're doing now. Good managers predict dissatisfaction and people react accordingly. Good managers are a lot of moving among superiors, clients, customers, as well as the subordinate workers. Most managers recognizes  the train of thought of his team. Good managers are judged on their merits but it's harder than it seems.

It's almost impossible to separate your feelings for someone, you liked that person or not, from the way you see his work. No doubt about discrimination or favoritism individuals are fatal to the success of which team they are on but, a good manager accepts it as one aspect of the game that needs work. Weak managers feel threatened by the power of other people. They also enjoy discovering weaknesses and considered them something that should be used, this is incorrect. Good managers do not think in such a destructive way. They see the strength in other people as something on which we can build.

Weaknesses in turn recognized as something that can be overcome and, if possible, eliminated. Good managers allow things to happen. The old-fashioned approach to management was something like an old-fashioned approach to education: "Look what kids are doing and tell them to stop immediately!"


Create a climate

Good managers believe that their people do in their own interest and are doing everything they can to create a climate in which people feel free to express themselves. Manager's learn new skills and acquire new useful knowledge from the outside world, and they immediately pass it. No one in the organization should not do work that could just as well be done by someone who is underpaid. Therefore, they are good managers constantly looking for activities at a higher level which would devote their time, constantly passing further tasks that they themselves have already mastered.

Jack Welch, the youngest CEO of General Electric, who these days resides in Chicago , the value of shares of the company rose three thousand per cent, a man who has spent 500 acquisitions and confidently holds the title of guru of management thinks that "the best thing a manager can do in his career to hire the right people, because they are the only value of the company. " According to Welch, the first important trait of a good leader is a positive energy, the ability to go further and further, with a healthy enthusiasm and optimistic attitude in the good, and the bad times. " These two features are actually traits of a man who is or is not a good leader. 

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