Notice improvement in your health level of fitness by saying NO to stress

by Jit Mukherjii on May 10, 2016 Health and Fitness 249 Views

These days stress is part and parcel of everyday life. The worst news is that stress can act so badly in our life that we can start showing its sign on our health. We are so busy in our professional life that we fail to take a note of the fact that stress is working so badly and we are destroying our own health. Huge stress in life can give a devastating response.

There is a certain level of stress which any human body can accept without affecting the condition of health. But just the moment when it crosses the level it starts reflecting in the form of increased blood pressure, failure of the immune system and high level of depression. If there is a constant increase in the level of stress then the condition will be even worst. The blood will start forming a clot and make the circulation difficult and aside to this, there will be an imbalance in sexual life.

The sign of these problems will create even more mental pressure leading to even more stress in life and can even end up with a sudden heart attack. Is there any way which you can try to reduce the level of stress in your life? Yes, there are few ways which you can try out for reducing the stress level in your life.

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the level of stress in the body. They are quite a many people in this world who underestimate the power of exercises and its contribution towards bringing stableness in life and way of dealing things in life. But the fact is that exercise is one of the best media to reduce stress as well as anxiety in life. Exercise actually acts as a natural antidepressant for stress reduction.

After exercise, it’s the role of walking to act smart for stress reduction. Start walking regularly at a moderate pace for a minimum period of 20 minutes. It can be early morning or even the evening time which will be right for walking. If you take a walk in the morning you will get a chance to breath fresh air which will circulate oxygen in your whole body making you feel fresh, active, and energetic and satisfied in life. If you don’t get enough time for a regular walk then go for a short walk in your break time. Say no to elevators and yes, to stairs. This will be a good exercise for you.

Yoga has several good effects on the human body. If you can try doing yoga along with meditation you will create some positive aura all around you. This will help you to say No to stress. Sometimes taking a break from hectic lifestyle will be a great way to release stress from the mind.

You need to love yourself and your life. If you can do that then stress will not get even a single inch space to trouble you in life. Try it and enjoy a stress-less and happy life.


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