There is a less challenging way to lose weight with proper diet and cardio.

by collin j mcadams on Jun 27, 2016 Weight Loss 199 Views

Losing weight is a tough battle for many.  Many of us become discouraged and resistant to diet and when adding exercise to the plan many of us give up entirely.  We sometime feel that our method is not only futile but useless.

I am proof that it is easier than you think and I am here to help by sharing my story.  I am neither a physician nor a health expert and always consult your physician before you undertake any diet or exercise program.  That being said I am sharing my personal experience of being able to shed 53 pounds just through diet alone.  In addition, I added exercise to my program and nothing tastes better than losing weight the old fashioned.  Diet and exercise is the answer.  I do not recommend drugs to achieve the goal.

Many believe that diet alone is the answer and that they can eat whatever they choose as long as they do cardio at the gym.  I disagree totally.  Everything you put in your mouth should be done in moderation.  In addition, it is important to know your maximum heart rate.  Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age multiplied by 0.80.  This figure is 80% of your maximum heart rate.

It is important that if you elect cardio you work at least 15 minutes beyond 30 minutes because at 80% of your maximum heart rate for 30 minutes allows your body to burn off sugars in your blood stream.  Everything after that is fat burning.  So if you are on a bike or climber for 45 minutes you spend 15 minutes of actual fat burning.  However, you need to start slowly and work your way up especially if you have been neglecting exercise.  It will come perhaps slowly but you would be amazed at how resilient our bodies really are.

My doctor recommends 2.5 hours of cardio each week to maintain a good heart rate.  If you are trying to lose weight though, about 4.5 hours is very good.  Many of you think that it is too hard but break it down until you get used to the new routine that you are pursuing.  You do not have to kill yourself at the gym.  Be sure and measure and keep track of your heart rate as well.  This can be maintained by wearing a fit bit.  However, you do not have to spend a lot of money.  Cardio machines have a heart monitoring system and can easily be explained by the instructor at the gym you frequent.

I can personally tell you that I went from 228 pounds to 175 pounds in 6 months time.  I do the Stair Master which has handle bars and a system to monitor my heart rate.  I am set for 40 minutes 3 times per week and sometimes 4.  Always remember that this is a gradual process.  When the weight comes off, and it will you will likely devise a different lifestyle and begin to leave your old habits behind.  It is exhilarating to be able to move forward and see your newly accomplished goals in front of your eyes.  It is critical to keep your eyes on the prize and work gradually.  You will be amazed before you are through.

In any case always remember to work 15 minutes over your regular 30 minutes and you will burn fat.  Also, it is a good idea to switch it up at the gym.  You can work on a variety of machines such as the Stair Master, Treadmill, Life Cycle and Elliptical.  It gives you diversity and does not get boring.  You may like one machine better than another, your choice.  Your workout can be more of a challenge and does not become repetitive and redundant.  The way that I work it is so that particular muscle groups do not become acclimated to a certain routine so that this prevents you from making gains and losses.  Remember that it is necessary to break a sweat.

My taste buds love the fatty foods.  My taste buds will get me in trouble all of the time as I rack up the calories I consume.  You can eat healthy foods for all of your meals and still be satisfied.  At breakfast, you should never skip I eat whole grains.  You do not have to spend a lot of money either.  Believe it or not Aldi has excellent healthy food choices that are affordable.  Whold grain or granola cereal is a good substitute for eggs and bacon.  I enjoyed flavored oatmeal and one or two hard boiled eggs.  In addition, I incorporate fruit into my diet and never forget a bottle of water.  Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Just as I wrote about mixing up your workout you need to mix up what you consume as well.  Eating for me becomes a luxury when dining out perhaps once a week.  You should not completely deprive yourself of foods you are accustomed to eating but do so in moderation.  Mix up what you consume and check for different ways to prepare them.  You will be very surprised what you have a pallet for.  Also, I drink water before my meal so that I do not overindulge. 

Lunch consists of protein and again low caloric intake.  Foods that I stay away from are ones that are high in calories.  I find this to be true of condiments such as mustard and ketchup and also sauces.  If you are going to eat chicken for instance, boiling or baking it is best and use salt (not much) and pepper.  Try and skip the cheese and do not cook it in butter.  A little olive oil goes a long way.  Peanut butter is good and provides protein in your diet.  Protein tells your brain that your stomach is full.  Veggies are a great snack and you can eat as many as you like.  Stay away from canned vegetables and always use fresh or frozen.  You local market sells veggies that are in season so you can never get “sick” of one thing or another.  There is an always changing variety.

Dinner for me is healthy pasta or quinoa or wheat noodles.  The great thing about quinoa is that you can cook it for breakfast, like oatmeal and it is delicious for dinner with some seasoned vegetables.  Complex carbs in moderation give you more nutritional value than simple carbohydrates.  WebMD has amazing tutorials on what foods are best for not only your health but also to drop some pounds.  In the beginning process of my weight loss I cut out bread altogether and opted for Quest Bars.  Again, remember to drink your water before your meals and I believe that you will not have a tendency to overeat.  I did not overeat and I was not feeling hungry or deprived. 

Portion sizes should compare to your fist.  Remember, that snacks such as ice cream, chips and such are counterproductive.  In addition, I never eat at night.  If I go to bed on a full stomach my doctor has told me that my heart works harder to digest the food and turns to fat.  This is a big no no and can kill your weight loss goals.  Steer clear of sugar in your diet.  I find that a substitute such as Truvia or Stevia is a natural alternative giving my taste buds the same satisfaction.  Most importantly give yourself time to adjust to your new way of eating and thinking.  Nothing that comes off fast will remain off.

I find that supplement can be taken to assist your body recover from any lack of vitamin or minerals that you may be missing in your diet.  Acquiring vitamins in the foods you eat is the best way but I take Vitamin D as well.  Vitamin D promotes testosterone and can give you a much needed health boost.  Energy, weight loss, muscle rejuvenation and be found in many foods.  One great dish is tuna or fish in general.  Try and stay clear of the farm raised fish.  Costco carries many varieties that are not farm raised.  If you combine the two topics of diet and exercise and be patient but consistent the weight should come off.  It did for me.  It is a great way to start a new beginning and change the way you look, feel, and view yourself.

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