Real Ways to Make Extra Money Online

by Shannon Wallace on May 24, 2016 Internet and Businesses Online 237 Views

We’ve all seen the articles that promise you can work from home or make “thousands” working online, but how many of those jobs are legitimate offers.  The answer is that most of them aren’t, for one, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.  The good news?  There are legitimate work from home jobs available online and this article will talk about some of the real ways you can make money with your computer.

Working from home isn’t all it is cracked up to be, it requires a lot of leg work and discipline.  You can work from home but that doesn’t mean you treat it any less than the job it is.

  • Survey Sites – there’s no shortage of websites out there that will pay you for your opinion.  Most of these sites work on the concept of reward points.  You fill out a survey and you get points that you can later exchange for gift cards or other items.
  • Writing – freelance writing represents a huge niche in the online marketplace and they are very good ways to make money online.  If you’re good at writing or love to write it can be a great way to make a little extra income off your passion.
  • Sell Things Online – online auctions and online reselling is a huge market.  The premise is simple, you find something on sale or in the clearance rack and you mark it up for sale online.  Reselling can be a great way to make money and sometimes the smallest items will net the biggest profits.  Specialty items like holiday cereals or discontinued products can also be huge for online resell.
  • Blogging – blogging is the “go-to” method for making online and it can be very easy to monetize your blog through services like Google Adsense.  The key to making money through blogging is to create content on a daily basis.  The key is to have a lot of content for people to read through and click through.  You may even have to spend a year or two building your content, it’s that intensive!  It’s all about website traffic and advertising when it comes to a blog.
  • Work-At-Home Companies – these are the more traditional companies that offer sources like “click working” or micro jobs.  You may also find jobs for transcribing audio to text.  If you’re a creative person you may be able to outsource your design skills.  Work from home companies are available in many different forms and you can find a legitimate one by doing some basic research.

Working online can offer a lot of freedom and give you an extra source of income, just be sure to do your research and make sure the company you’re getting involved with is legitimate.  Always check their reviews and search online for any complaints.  

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