How to earn money by blogging?

by Nermin Hodžić on May 15, 2016 Blogging 166 Views

If you are thinking about starting a blog, or want to make money blogging, then you will need this guide to blogging so that you can come to a better understanding of what you need to increase Web traffic and online profits.


Whether you own a small business and you want to make money selling goods, or you want to make money from advertising or affiliate marketing, the process is the same.  Blogging is not a mysterious science, but it does require some initial organization in order to create conditions so it can become your solid source of income.


Equation earnings blogging

What is needed is to better understand the equation is "earnings blogging". There are two very important factors to make money blogging:


-Web traffic

-Conversion rate


Web traffic refers to the number of visitors coming to your blog while conversion rate refers to the percentage of blog visitors who are converted.  By "conversion" we mean all those actions that visitors take in order to fulfill your pre-defined business goals.  Objectives are usually related to making money, or something that ultimately leads to income, such as clicking on ads, affiliate links, sign up for a newsletter, purchase, etc.


Each conversion on your blog can be assigned an average value for money, in other words, a conversion may be worth $ 0.20, while the other may be worth $ 25. Let's call this the average value konversije with "M", which represents monetization.


So we get that equation earnings blogging looks like this:


Money = Web Traffic Conversion Rate x M


Easy, right? To earn money all you need to do is to find a way to attract Web traffic and then to convert it!


Personal attributes of successful bloggers


Equation earnings blogging shows the scientific side of blogging with the goal-line earnings. But in order to succeed as a blogger you need some very human traits. To earn money blogging, you need three things:





Everything else can be bought or learn.  Also, you do not need technical knowledge of PHP, HTML, or CSS, because we platforms like WordPress allow you to run a blog, blogging and many other things without having knowledge of the code.


When we say that you must have knowledge, primarily referring to the fact that you need to be blogging about something you know, becuase you are the expert, or something for which you have a lot of interest and we will want to know much more.


As for your passion you on an topic, it will be easier, especially at the beginning when you will not earn anything. Passion will be the idea that will maintain you as bloggers. Your driving force and because it will continue you to hold your niche topics to regularly writing the publication of articles and other goals.


Perseverance is certainly the key to something which requires investment of time and effort. Money does not fall from the sky so blogging will not pay overnight. That's why you have to be passionate about the topic you are writing to. Ultimately, the time and effort that you put in will certainly give results.


Several Council


If you are still sure that you have what it takes to make money blogging, then we'll give you a few useful tips.




Arguably the most important factor in the success of any blog is how interesting is the content, relevant, useful, valuable, stunning, and funny.


Think about the information you share with colleagues, friends, and family. What is it about this content that makes it interesting to share? If you can enrich your blog post with the same "magic ingredient" that causes attraction, attention, and its division then, you have passed more than half way to success with blogging.


Your content on the blog should be:


-Relevant to your audience

-Unique and original

-Interesting and attractive

-Written in a simple and easily understandable way

-Clearly presented

-With logical structure and over

-Optimization for Internet search engines (SEO)


SEO refers to a set of tools, techniques, and technologies designed with the aim of helping to better rank your content on search results pages. Learn more about some of the best and worst SEO methods. Also, recently, Google announced a few SEO tips to help start-ups as to better understand the importance of better ranking on the search results pages.


There's also optimized for social media. Basically, there are four basic elements to optimizing social media that can help you make a more meaningful way to start your path to productivity and social networking. Five basic elements are:








Part of building blog traffic is certainly the understanding of what affects Web traffic and how it behaves. To be able to understand who is visiting your blog you will need to start using some decent analytical programs, such as Google Analytics. See a list of some of the best free and paid SEO tools.




One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing is the social-media marketing. This is of crucial importance when tring to  get people talking about your content. The more people share and mention your content, the more other people will join the discussion so that your content will get the necessary traffic and attention.


The implementation of high-quality Internet and social marketing strategies will help you reduce the time needed to make your blog become self-sustaining.


Online advertising and affiliate marketing


Online advertising is one of the best ways to make money from high-quality content blogging. There are a number of ad networks, affiliate networks, and ad platforms that you may choose from. 


The advice is to start with the easiest and simplest option is advertising with Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an ad network that allows you to placing ads on your blog make money. Google AdSense allows you to create customized ads and ad channels and display text, image or rich ads using an embedded code.


The principle of earnings is simple, everyone who wants to advertise on certain sites pay Google for each click on the ad. Your earnings from Google AdSense will depend on the number of clicks on the ads that are placed on your blog. The more hits you have, the greater the likelihood that you will have more clicks on the ads which ultimately results in greater online profits for you.



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