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by collin j mcadams on May 20, 2016 Blogging 245 Views

     Google articulates that content is king.  Content refers to authoring useful information about a variety of subjects.   If you consider yourself to be an author and possess a creative gene and own a computer, you are in luck.  Google has a specific program built for publishers and advertisers.  Primarily, the publishing side of the program would be beneficial for you to unleash your talents and make money.  Becoming a Google ad-sense publisher is much easier than you would think. 

     The first step in this trouble-free process is to go to a domain provider such as and purchase a domain to build a website.  If you are unwilling or unable to do this it is understandable however, it is not problematic.  You need to acquaint yourself with sites such as  This type of site will allow you to write articles of worthwhile content and then put in a publisher id in order to be paid when people read your articles.

     The second easy step is web hosting.  This can be purchased from as well or a similar web host that have the necessary tools to put up a Wordpress blog from a graphical user interface standpoint.  This allows you the publisher not to code or interfere with any configuration of the website.  The shared hosting package from GoDaddy will allow you to set up your domain in a few clicks.  You will then use the graphical user interface to set up a Wordpress blog. 

     This set up should again only take a few minutes.  The system will e-mail you a user friendly set of instructions that allows you to log into the backend administration panel of the site.  At this point you need to familiarize yourself with the control panel.  You can choose a variety of themes from the theme finder.  Your primary concern at this point is a plug-in that will allow you to run Adsense on the site. You are almost finished.

     Now you have your site.  Take that domain name and go to  Here is where you sign up to be a publisher and submit your domain to Google for review.  Once this process is complete and you are approved it is time to use the ad creator in Google Adsense to compose an ad.

     By following these steps Google will allow you to create an ad and save it for you.  They will also monitor its success or you can use a plug-in for wordpress called Google Adsense plug-in.  If you run a search on the phrase “google adsense wordpress plugin” you can easily locate the plugin quickly.  This step will allow you to choose where your ads are displayed.  You will not have to copy and paste the code into the site.  If you add your publisher id to the backend administrative panel under the Google Adsense settings page you are done.

     Now it is time to write compelling content for your site which is the fun part.  The best way to choose what is of interest to you is to choose topics that are high search keywords.  One of the best ways to find topics is from Google Trends or Google Adwords using the keyword planner.  These tools help you to choose popular subjects on what interest you to author.  Do some research and then use your creative side to create compelling content for individuals that are searching. 

     Once you are satisfied with the content and have your final copy ready to go you will log into the back end of your Wordpress admin panel and navigate to the “posts” section of the site.  Past your content in and publish it.  “Bam” you’re done.  Your site is successfully running ads about the content you just created.  When people search your keyword phrase that was of course researched using Google, they will find your article and view an ad about the content that they are reading. 

     It is your hope and mine that they click on that particular ad.  Now the click will give you a dollar amount.  So the more clicks the more the dollars add up and the more content that you post the more chances you have for readers to click.  Every click helps and you enjoy the process.  Good luck to all.


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