Adolescence - the challenges of growing up

by Nermin Hodžić on May 15, 2016 Kids and Teens 212 Views

Adolescence is a period of maturation through which the child is preparing for adulthood. Intense physical, sexual, emotional, psychosocial and cognitive changes with which the adolescent encounters make this period of time, confusion, and discovery. Adolescents begin step by step to leave the security of childhood and assume adult responsibilities.

The attitude of adolescents and their parents, teachers, and other significant adults in their lives may be filled with misunderstandings and conflicts. In the search of his identity and independence, adolescents may be prone to rebel against adults, especially parents, who are often seen as people who are forcibly moderating the child's behavior, telling them what to do and limiting their freedom. Being the parent of an adolescent is sometimes as life challenging experience as well as being the adolescent.  Ambivalence toward adolescent parents, resulting from the dichotomy between the need for support and security, and the growing need for independence, is a frequent source of concern and confusion parents.

Dealing with changes that take adolescents closer to adulthood make the adolescence period in which the relationship between the child and parents a bond which should never be broken. A change in the balance of which existed in the family may arise many questions and feelings of confusion, anxiety, and frustration. Dealing with adolescence can be difficult to negative expectations of parents. This is Because of social attitudes about adolescence is known as a period of rebellion inevitably, falling under the influence of society and risky behavior.  

At the same time, the media is sometimes presented as an exaggerated image with a  generation of adolescents that have distorted value's which are completely different from the earlier ones. Therefore, no wonder it's certain that research that shows nearly three-quarters of adult adolescents today primarily are described in negative terms, such as "rude", "wild", or "irresponsible".

Psychologists now abandon the idea that adolescence behavior is the same for every young person. Stressful times filled with difficulties and stress are of importance and understanding in the development that specifices the shape of opinions, emotions, and behavior of adolescents. The beliefs of parents and experts on adolescences may represent traps and lead to numerous undesirable outcomes. Due to the beliefs of the "tempest and storm" of adolescence, parents can ignore the problems more serious nature which require the support of experts. Misunderstanding and developmental specificity can lead to an overreaction because the belief that a particular behavior is a sign of trouble, although it is actually common among adolescents.  Negative beliefs of parents of adolescents may encourage so-called self-fulfilling prophecies and excessive restrictions based on the belief that adolescents by their ture nature endanger the process of maturation.

Adolescents are faced with a number of changes in the thinking, feelings and relationships with others, which form their unique view of themselves and others - views that from the perspective of adults is often not easy to understand. Understanding developmental specificity of adolescence parents and professionals facilitates the interpretation of adolescent behavior, creating clearer expectations about when certain behavior goes beyond what we consider normal, and expecting to gives information on how to support adolescents in this way.


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