5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog

by Shannon Wallace on May 24, 2016 Pets 257 Views

Dog is man’s or woman’s best friend, there is no doubt about that but sometimes we aren’t the most thoughtful when it comes to what are dog’s want.  Sometimes we may do things that we think our dogs love but turns out, they hate it.  Here’s some things to avoid doing to your dog, you may be guilty of some of these but its ok, Fido forgives you.

  • Hugging – it’s probably the one thing all of us do with our dogs, but hugging has to be at the top of the list of things your dog hates.  In general, dogs don’t like to be hugged and many dogs will see this as a threat or a dominating behavior.  Also, remember that just because your dog tolerates it, doesn’t mean he actually likes it.  So knock it off with the hugging.
  • Making Eye Contact – eye contact can be another dominant gesture to a dog if done incorrectly.  If you don’t know the dog, don’t get into a staring contest with them.  Also, try to read your own dog when you’re making eye contact.  Sometimes it can strengthen your bond and other times it will test it.  It is important to know your dog and how they react.
  • Being Inconsistent – if you’re inconsistent with either praise or punishment, you could be frustrating your dog.  Ground rules are important to a good relationship or bond between you and your pet.  A dog is programmed to follow a pack leader after all and hopefully that is you!
  • Forcing Interactions – there may be some people or dogs that your pet just doesn’t get along with, don’t force them to play with those people or animals thinking they’ll get over it with time.  You can tell if your dog really wants to be with certain people.  It is all about reading your dog and understanding that even they have limits or preferences when it comes to interacting.
  • Being Too Strict – it is good to be assertive with your dog but you don’t have to be a task mistress.  In other words, don’t keep such a tight leash on your dog if they’re behaving well.  You can allow your dog to walk and smell when you’re out.  They need some space to explore when they’re out so being too strict can really cramp their style.

No doubt you love your dog and they’re fond of you too so do your best to keep them happy, they are your best friend after all!

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