A Guide to Common Cat Behaviors

by Shannon Wallace on May 24, 2016 Pets 214 Views

Cats can be great pets but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what is going on inside their head.  For one, cats can be as aloof as they are mysterious and sometimes, completely unpredictable.  So how do you get to know your cat better?  How do you know what it means when you cat does that one thing?  If you have a cat, you’ve probably gotten used to the some of their odd habits but if you’d like to know why they do these things, read on!

  • Randomly running around the house – you cat could be laying on the couch one minute, then sprinting down the hall the next.  Randomly running at full speed is just one of those “cat things” you get used to but what does it mean?  Usually it is just a form of play or exercise for your cat.  Cats have a large amount of energy to begin with and they need to get it out so if your cat suddenly bolts off the couch, don’t worry, they’re just working off some of that energy they’ve stored up from the day.
  • Rubbing against you or rubbing their face against your hand – if your cat is rubbing against you, they’re trying to mark you as “theirs”.  A cat will rub against things in their territory and spread their smell onto them.  This can be a loving gesture from a cat but it means she thinks she owns you!
  • Getting in your face or sniffing your face – cats love to explore, it is part of their curious nature and getting close to your face is part of that.  When they’re close to you they are exploring your scent and getting a “smell picture” of who you are.  It can also be an indicator of trust, so if you’re being smelled by your cat, don’t worry!
  • Flicking their ears back and forth – this one means to watch out!  A cat that is moving its ears back and forth rapidly may be experiencing some fear or irritation.  It’s a gesture telling other cats to move away or “back up”.  If you don’t listen you may see some escalating signs like hissing or batting with their paws.
  • Dainty or soft “mews” - if a cat is talking to you, sometimes they might do it very softly in a soft or plaintive “mew”.  This is usually a friendly sort of call for a cat.  You will probably see them do it when you get home or when you come back into a room.   Many times a cat will seek your attention after performing on of these greetings.

So, you see, cats really aren’t that mysterious at all!  They just take a little understanding and time when it comes to finding meaning in their behavior.

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