The Dream That Never Died: How I Almost Quit Writing

by Amy Wallace on Jun 17, 2016 Achievement 264 Views

I remember in junior high when I was 13 years old, I wrote a short story. I didn’t have a particular reason for writing it. I just decided one day to write. I showed it to my English teacher, and she praised me. She went so far as to get it published in our school newspaper. She showed it to our principal who sent a letter of praise to my parents through the mail. I was on cloud nine. The letter talked about how I should become a writer.

My parents were proud, but not as proud as I wanted them to be. I was pumped, however. I went to the library and checked out a copy of Writer’s Digest. It was the thickest book I’d ever looked seen. It was full of places to submit written works for publication. I convinced my parents to buy me a book of stamps and a couple boxes of envelopes. I began submitting my story like a mad woman. After a couple weeks of submissions, I began receiving rejection letters. Some of them were encouraging. They told me to keep writing. My frustration rose, however, with every rejection letter I received.

My parents told me not to worry because I would always have a solid career as a typist or a receptionist. They said I could continue writing poetry; my other passion, as a hobby. I reluctantly agreed. I took the Writer’s Digest back to the library, and shelved my dream of becoming a writer along with it.

I continued to write poetry throughout school, submitting it here and there for contests. I won a few, and had poems published in my high school yearbooks. The dream of writing for a career, however, died with those rejection letters years before and my parents’ discouraging words.

I never really stopped writing. I’ve written poetry, blogs, and countless short stories since then. But the thought of writing for anything other than my own satisfaction didn’t occur to me for a very long time.

Fortunately, I have revived my dream, renewed my passion, and the memory of quitting writing is a distant memory. How did I do it? I was inspired. During my quest for self-improvement, I came across a writer I admire. His name is Joe Vitale. I’m sure he has inspired many people, but I am so grateful I am one of them. Joe has written too many books to list, and has motivated countless people to pursue their passions. Joe Vitale helped me to remember the fire in my belly for writing. He unknowingly encouraged me to revisit that dream.

What is your story? You’ve heard mine. Comment below, and tell me what you quit or gave up on doing. I’d love to hear it.


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