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There is a less challenging way to lose weight with proper diet and cardio.

by collin j mcadams on Jun 27, 2016

Weight Loss


Losing weight is a tough battle for many.  Many of us become discouraged and resistant to diet and when adding exercise to the plan many of us give up entirely.  We sometime feel that our method is not only futile but useless. Continue reading →

The Dream That Never Died: How I Almost Quit Writing

by Amy Wallace on Jun 17, 2016



I remember in' junior high when I was 13 years old, I wrote a short story. I didn't have a particular reason for writing it. I just decided one day to write. I showed it to my English teacher, and she praised me. She went so far as to get it published in our school newspaper. Continue reading →

How To Clear Your Fuzzy Brain With One Simple Tool

by Amy Wallace on Jun 17, 2016



Life today is not the simple life it used to be many years ago. We have so much stimulation from various different areas of our lives. We wear several hats, and must keep our plates spinning in the air at all times. The tool you need is not new; it has been used ... Continue reading →

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