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Notice improvement in your health level of fitness by saying NO to stress

by Jit Mukherjii on May 10, 2016

Health and Fitness


These days stress is part and parcel of everyday life. The worst news is that stress can act so badly in our life that we can start showing its sign on our health. We are so busy in our professional life that we fail to take a note of the fact that stress is working so badly and we are destroying our own health. Huge stress in life can give a devastating response. Continue reading →

Some good alternates to bank financing to fund your working capital

by Jit Mukherjii on May 9, 2016



Getting sanction from the bank to acquire the loan needed becomes a problem especially for companies which have just started their business and for those companies which have already faced such problems in finance before. Sometimes the owners of companies who are not eligible to get the loan sanctioned by the bank consider about taking a risk in investing their funds. They invest their funds in the functioning of the business taking the risk of either making profit or making losses. They also ... Continue reading →

Know more about FHA financing before buying a home

by Jit Mukherjii on May 6, 2016



Buying own home is one such dream which many of us love to see and accordingly we plan separately for home buying. Many of us depend on FHA financing as this has become one of the convenient ways of buying a home in the US. Though there are lots of pros and cons of this FHA financing which we need to take care to stay safe. Let us have a look at the advantages of FHA financing. Continue reading →

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